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What is "La Marquise" ?

A MODULAR SYNTHETISER put into a wooden hand crafted lute from space.

The main inspiration that made me believe it was possible to make my own instrument is the MODULIN by Martin Molin (Wintergatan).

Inspired by other various eclectic electronic instruments like the "Theremin" and the "Ondes Martenot", "La Marquise" takes the analog sound of pure electronic waves (sine, square, saw) and let the player modulate them with SENSORS : a ribbon controler and 3 FSRs (Force Sensitive Resistors).




La Marquise 1_edited.jpg

The front of the instrument is made out of walnut wood.

It's not a painting palette !

La Marquise.jpg
La Marquise 2.jpg

The back is olive ash wood. Thick and creamy.

La Marquise 3_edited.jpg
La Marquise 4_edited.jpg
La Marquise 5_edited.png

The white key marks (fingerboard) are made out of basswood.

The dark ones are rosewood.

La Marquise 8.jpg
La Marquise 6.jpg

The neck is basswood, ready to be filled by the ribbon controler.

All fits to the millimeter !

La Marquise 9_edited.jpg

The making of the cavities to welcome the synth modules and an external battery !

La Marquise 7.jpg

All fit to the millimeter again !

La Marquise 10.jpg

Body and neck gluing !

We're near the end !

La Marquise 12.jpg
La Marquise 11.jpg
La Marquise 13.jpg

They got magnets !

Wooden plates to close the back cavities.

La Marquise 14.jpg

Finally puting all the electronic into the wood !

Synth modules, the 3 pressure sensors and the ribbon controler.


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